A verb expresses an action, occurrence, or state of being. In Italian, the verb is truly the main dish of the meal – il secondo piatto, if you will. Without it, the sentence would be just appetizers and desserts! This is especially the case when subject pronouns are omitted, which happens quite often. The verb ending may be your only clue to who is doing what!

Italian has both regular and irregular verbs. Regular verbs are easy to conjugate. There are 3 types of regular verbs. The infinitive form of the verb (always provided in the dictionary) tells you which verb type it is. The 3 regular verb types are named after the infinitive endings "-are", "-ere", "-ire".

Each of these 3 regular verbs follows its own conjugation rules in each tense. So, the good news is that once you take the time to learn (memorize) the pattern for one "-are", "-ere" or "-ire" verb, you own the recipe for thousands of its sister verbs.


"-are" verb (Studiare) "-ere" verb (Leggere) "-ire" verb (Partire)
io studierò io leggerò io partirò
tu studierai tu leggerai tu partirai
lui/lei studierà lui/lei leggerà lui/lei partirà
noi studieremo noi leggeremo noi partiremo
voi studierete voi leggerete voi partirete
loro studieranno loro leggeranno loro partiranno

 VERBI IRREGOLARI - these verbs you will just have to memorize

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Essere Avere Fare
io sarò io avrò io farò
tu sarai tu avrai u farai
lui/lei sarà lui/lei avrà lui/lei farà
noi saremo noi avremo noi faremo
voi sarete voi avrete voi farete
loro saranno loro avranno loro faranno

Andare verb conjugation content here

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Verb conjugation content here

Verb conjugation content here

Future Perfect (Futuro Anteriore)

The future perfect tense (il futuro anteriore) in Italian is easy ... just follow these rules: